#1594 ongoing | Playades

Ab Februar 2024 werde ich Playades bei ihren Wachstumsaktivitäten unterstützen. Playades licenses, distributes and publishes (mobile) games worldwide, focussing on alternative markets, i.e. outside the two traditional large app stores.

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#1576 ongoing | University Teaching

• Course: Game Development • From March 2024, I will be conducting the lecture series “Game Development” in the module “Game Production” at Fresenius University. As the title suggests, the aim is to familiarize students with the media format “videogames” as an important industry. Insights to be provided range from into the structure of developer teams, typical role distributions, to

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#1330 Past Project | Sudoku Monetization

• Monetization Strategy • Having fostered a deep-seated passion for casual and puzzle games throughout the years, I was thrilled to thoroughly analyze the planned reissue of the classic “Sudoku” in terms of monetization and contribute through the identification of optimization prospects. Following a brief competitor analysis, I devised a hybrid monetization approach that simultaneously enhances the game’s appeal to

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