About Me

With a rich history in the digital media and mobile entertainment industry, I am not only a “Digital Native,” but also a highly qualified professional with a strong background in mobile games and apps.

The Beginning

After completing my degree in Media & Business Management at the University of Manchester, I dove straight into the dynamic world of digital media. My journey began in 1999 at a subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, Digital World Services, where I gained invaluable first-hand experience in technical business development and project management. For example, I was able to establish the company’s California branch in the USA and then lead a major project at the then highly-hyped file-sharing service Napster.


With the beginning of 2003 I took on a new challenge at “handy.de”, later arvato mobile, where I was able to build, expand, and lead the mobile games department. At that time, the first (Java) games were just coming to mobile devices, and it was an exciting experience to witness the rise of this innovative technology and be a part of its very start and growth.

mPilot (Freelance Consultant)

By the end of 2008, I joined Cellular GmbH for one and a half years – as Cellulargames we’ve been working on a white-label solution for telecommunications providers until the global financial crisis thwarted our plans. That’s when I became a freelance consultant for the first time – during this initial years as consultant, I was able to work for companies of various sizes – large companies such as Gamesload (Deutsche Telekom) or compeople AG, but also smaller players such as butterfly-effected or Intent Software GmbH were among my clients.

LITE Games

In 2013, Intent Software GmbH managed to convince me to switch back to permanent employment, and together we founded LITE Games GmbH in 2014. During the 10 years that I built and led LITE Games, I was able to grow the company from a one-man show to one of the leading mobile publishers in the classic board game genre. While our titles were initially limited to the iOS platform from Apple, we soon offered Android versions for almost all of our titles and real-time multiplayer modes in many of our games. Additionally, we were able to continuously expand our portfolio and adapt to the ever-evolving market with new business models and mechanics. By 2023, the company had 8 employees and continued to thrive.

Solutions for Mobile Business

Having served LITE Games for a full decade by 2023, I once more felt the urge for more versatility and I decided to move on to be able to cater for a more diverse range of tasks and services… and here I am: freelancing again and happy to help you to make your project as entertaining and successful as possible – let’s create outstanding apps and create great experiences!
Please also visit the “Projects” section to get an impression of some of my recent projects.

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